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Rear extension oversite

In preparation for the oak frame raising I've spent most of July getting the trenches dug, and the Oversite pad ready.

Here is the first stages of digging out, the string lines are set up to mark out the dimensions of the building onto the ground.


Well I managed to get the trenches dug out with my little 1.5 tonne digger - definitely getting a bigger one next time as its not easy positioning such a small machine over such a wide footing! With the trenches now dug its ready to fill it all back up with concrete!


Here's the first load of concrete being delivered. This is mixed on site so its nice and fresh, also the shute is hydraulic so there no barrowing required, happy days! Thanks very much to Eastern Concrete!


The good weather has allowed me to plough on with the first leaf of blockwork and the pads for the frame to sit on. Also you can see one of the main drainage pipes now in place which runs underneath the building.


18 Tonnes of sandstone hardcore wheelbarrowed into place and compacted ready for the concrete slab. Pepper is enjoying his new home already!

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