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On this page you will find some of the areas of work I can carry out. However, if you have any specific enquiries please feel free to get in touch directly 

Brickwork, Re-pointing

The repair of blown or damaged brickwork is often carried out by cutting out and replacing damaged areas of brickwork. All re-pointing and repair is carried out using breathable lime based mortars

Timber Frame Repairs

From both an historical aspect and in terms of structural integrity of a frame, it is important that correct and sympathetic repairs are carried out at all times.  All sound timbers are retained and incorporated back into the repair itself wherever possible. 

Lime Plastering, Lathing, Limewashing

Whether new or old, the breathability and flexibility of lime based plasters, mortars and limewashes makes them perfect for the use on any property that has been constructed from natural materials. Extensive experience in the application, repair and use of many mixes and styles of Lime Plaster,  Limewashes and Distempers.

Wattle and Daub, Cob, Clay lump

Clay based materials are used for many applications including Plaster, Panel Infill and Wall construction. Extensive experience of the repair of Wattle and Daub Panels and Clay Lump Walls. 

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