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Green Oak Frame - Cross frames

Now that the both side walls are complete its time to begin the first of four cross frames. As usual the main component timbers the make up the cross frame are laid out for measuring and marking.

Here the principle rafters and the stub ties have been cut and assembled

Now the collar has been cut and fitted

The 'H frame' is then marked and cut. The posts have already been out to frame the side wall, and you can see the girder housing which was previously cut into it.

Now the roof truss and the H frame are brought together and carefully positioned exactly as they would be when the frame goes together on side.

Now the queen posts and braces are laid over the cross frame and the joints are scribed. Pepper the dog managed a quick photobomb too!

The finished cross frame - three more to go!

This is cross frame 3 which forms the doorway to a Juliet balcony above and the ground floor doorway out into the porch and garden. This whole cross frame will be glazed which will let lots of light in and allow us to see the frame in all its glory from outside

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