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Green Oak Frame - Sling Brace Cross Frame

I thought this cross frame deserved its own post because it looks so flippin' awsome! This is the last truss to frame and will form the opening to the full height porch which opens out to the garden - a real focal point of the frame. Its different from the other cross frames in that it has no cross rail in the middle which in turn produces a large open cross frame. Instead it has a long 'sling brace' which holds everything in place.

Just like the previous braces and collars the sling braces are cut from curved slabs to maintain grain direction and ultimately strength.

This is me cutting out the sling brace - concentrating hard so I don't go off the line!

The finished piece ready for marking

Laying the sling over the truss for marking out. This is when you're very glad of the use of a fork lift!

Big mortices and tenons for the sling brace - a lot of force will be exerted on these joints.

The assembled cross frame completed, with my co-builder Chris Butcher looking on

The finished truss from above

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