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The New Frame - oak arrives

This is a fairly major part of the whole project - the framing of the new oak frame that will form the basis of the rear extension.

Here is a model of the actual frame design. Its made up of 3 bays, with the first two bays forming the dwelling. The 3rd bay will be left open so as to form a full height porch/patio' out into the garden. l'l be making it at the workshop of my friends at Traditional Oak Carpentry. It should take around 5-6 weeks to complete the various sections.

Day 1 - there are stacks of green oak everywhere so its time to go through it all and check it and label it.

Above - all the braces and collars are laid out for marking and cutting. To help with strength, they're cut from curved slabs of oak so that the grain follows the curve of the brace

A collar being cut out.

The finished collars ready for framing. We decided to go for 'cranked' braces which are similar to the braces in the original part of the cottage.

All the cranked braces for the cross frames, side walls and roof ready to go!

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