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More repairs to the frame

Before the new oak frame is raised I have to repair the back wall as I wont be able to access it once the frame is up. To say it needs a bit of attention is an understatement!.

The whole left hand side needs bricking now that the old lean to has been removed. The right hand side has been pretty well knocked about when the flat roof extension was put on.

From the inside, you can see that the original oakwork has been cut out and the wall bricked up. I had intended to leave this in place and repair it but on closer inspection it seems the wall is pretty unstable so Ive decided to take it down and reframe it in oak - hence the many acro props!

The same wall now reframed in oak

Also it gave me a chance to repair the old mullion window opening upstairs. It was originally cut out for a window, but now it will form an opening for a new smaller window upstairs.

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