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Frame Raising - the original flat pack!

Finally the day has arrived to raise the frame. I had some help from my friend Peter and his lorry in getting the frame from the workshop to the cottage. Thanks Peter!


The garden is full of oak before hand. Once again, Ive enlisted the help of my friends at Traditional Oak Carpentry to raise the frame. The first thing to do was pre assemble the H-frames and trusses so as not to waste precious crane time.

The crane arrives, its a beast! I cant get the whole thing in one shot

The crane arrives, its a beast!!


The first H Frame being hoisted into position

Now time for the floor spine and girders, before the next H frame is lifted into place

The lower level of the main house now in place

Now the upper floor, starting with the wall plate

Here comes the first roof truss

One by one the roof trusses are lowered in place, and the purlins are then added to close it all in. Also you can see the front posts of the final bay are now in place.

Above are the sling braces ready for lifting into place.

The sling braces in place, this truss forms the opening to the full height porch at the rear of the extension, which opens up into the garden.


On the second day, still battling with the heat, we just about got all the rafters in place in time. Thanks to Rick and his team for all their hard work, and for Holly for all the food and drink that kept us going!

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