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The Dining Room Doorway

A quick update with some more photos of the final structural oak repairs in the dining room of the old cottage. These consist of creating a new upper and lower doorway which will give access to the rear extension (both upstairs and downstairs), plus a little bit of repair to support the floor joists of the bedroom above.

I introduced a complete new stud on the right hand side which helped to produce a new doorway in the right position and give a little bit of extra support to the roof plate at the top.


To the side of the new upper doorway is the remains of an original mullion window. To keep it intact I cut the new post around it as moving the post to the left would make the doorway quite narrow.


And finally for this post just a couple of photos of the floor joist repairs. This will gice a little more headspace as you step though between the new and the old parts of the building.

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